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Aiphone JKS-1AEDF

Brand: Aiphone
Product Code: JKS-1AEDF
Availability: In Stock

Aiphone JKS-1AEDF Box Set for JK series Hands-Free Video Intercom Includes (1 JK-DVF, 1 JK-1MED, and 1 PS-1820UL) The JK-DVF is a stainless steel flush mount color video door station. This units work with the JK & JM series and connect to the master monitor using an 18AWG 2 conductor solid core cable. Each unit include a camera, microphone, speaker and call button. Tamper resistant screws are provided for mounting. When the call button on the door station is pushed, the master station(s) ring and the video monitor comes on with the image from the door station's camera. The master station user will initiate communication. The person at the door station speaks hands-free. The JK door stations can be located up to 330' from the master monitor using 18AWG 2 conductor solid core cable (Aiphone wire # 871802). Additional equipment is available to extend the wire distance up to 980' to the door (JKW-BA or JMW-BA long distance adaptor and 851602 cable).


The JK-1MED is the master monitor for the JK series Pan Tilt & Zoom video entry security system. This system will support 1 video door station and 2 inside color monitor stations. The JK series offers a 170 degree camera view and gives the user the ability Pan Tilt and Zoom the camera to a desired area for a better view of the visitor. The JK-1MED has a built in picture memory feature that can be set to record automatically when the visitor calls, or the record can be done manually by the user. Up to 40 images can be recorded at a rate of 1 frame per second and 6 frames per image (240 total frames). Up to 10 images (60 frames) can be saved and protected from automatic overwriting. The JK series offers a backlight/night sensitivity adjustment. In low light (night time) and heavy background light (sunny day) situations, the user can press the ADJUST button to improve the image quality to aid them in identifying the visitor.

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