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Doorbell Fon DP-28BM

Brand: DoorBell Fon
Product Code: DP-28BM
Availability: In Stock

If your home has an existing M&S intercom door station, you can easily replace it with the DoorBell Fon DP28 Door Answering System (M&S Mount). Once the system is setup, you will be able to answer your door by answering your telephone. This complete kit comes with a retrofit Door Station and a system controller. The included Door Station is specifically designed for retrofitting into an M&S box. The Doorbell Fon Main Controller is the base unit for the Doorbell Fon Answering System. When the button on the Door Station is pushed by a visitor, the Controller signals your phone to ring with a distinct tone that is different from a regular voice call. No programming or codes are needed. Just answer the telephone like you would for a regular call. The control unit requires connection to only one incoming line and one door station. A second door station may be added to the controller to operate another entryway. The controller installs using a single pair of wire for power, control, signaling and voice. Any add-on components install on the same single pair. The DoorBell Fon DP28 Door Station installs near a door and triggers your phone to ring when a visitor presses the button. Designed for retrofitting, all M-Series Door Stations flush mount into any standard M&S box. You can daisy-chain multiple controllers together to support additional Door Stations, if needed. With optional accessories (not included), you can also expand functionality of your Doorbell Fon system. KIT INCLUDES: Doorbell Fon Main Controller; DP28 Door Station, M&S Mount. NOTE: Requires a telephone, not included. Landline phone service is NOT required. STATION COLOR: Brass.

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