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Doorbell Fon DP-29CI

Brand: DoorBell Fon
Product Code: DP-29CI
Availability: In Stock

The DoorBell Fon Inbound Trigger Relay is an add-on module for the Doorbell Fon System. When a visitor presses the button on a Door Station, the relay allows your doorbell to chime or another external device to be triggered at the same time your phone rings. The Inbound Trigger Relay provides a dry-closure when the Door Station button is pushed for 800ms (8/10ths of a second). It mounts into a wall or structured wiring enclosure. The unit can be powered by internal AA batteries or by an external 3.5V to 5V DC power supply. Applications: Doorbells and melodic chimes. Cameras and camera switchers. Exterior lights. Strobe lights (for the hearing impaired). NOTE: This module does not provide power to external devices. It connects an external power source through the dry-closure on the module, which can connect to the external device. Intercom system.

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