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Doorbell Fon DP-29SW/IM

Brand: DoorBell Fon
Product Code: DP-29SW/IM
Availability: In Stock

Used with the Doorbell Fon Controller, the DoorBell Fon Telephone Keypad Relay Trigger can be set to perform one of two possible functions. It can be used an an Intercom Module to convert all landline phones into an intercom system. Alternatively, the relay can be used as an Outbound Relay Trigger Controller, allowing you to trigger an external device by pressing a button on your telephone keypad. Intercom Module: Enhances the existing DoorBell Fon system by converting all the phones in your home or office into an intercom system. No new wiring or programming is required. Outbound Relay Trigger Controller: Provides dry contact closure via the star (*) or other selected keys on the telephone keypad by using dip switch S1. Triggers the operation of electrical devices, such as an electric door strike. The Telephone Keypad Relay Trigger functions as an Intercom Module if JP5 AND JP6 are set to "OFF". It works as an Outbound Relay Trigger Controller if JP5 AND JP6 are set to "ON". NOTE: Both functions cannot be used at once. Unit must be used as either an Intercom Module OR an Outbound Relay Trigger Controller. Requires connection to the Door Fon Main Controller, sold separately. Intercom system.

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