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Tektone LI404B

Brand: Tektone
Product Code: LI404B
Availability: In Stock
Tags: Tektone, LI404B

The LI404B Strobe is a high-intensity remote visual signaling 
device for use with TekTone® PK543, PK205 and PK104B 
Amplifier Apartment Systems, and with TekTone® PK502B 
Transfer Relays.
The unit is primarily for use in locations 
where hearing-impaired persons require supplemental call 
notification, but can be used anywhere a visual indication of 
an incoming call is desired. The bright strobe light flashes 
for approximately 15–20 seconds when an incoming call 
is detected.
The device can be installed in most standard single or double 
gang electrical boxes or similar indoor openings. It is not 
a weatherproof device and therefore should not be used 
for any outdoor applications. Installation is facilitated by 
the use of simple connections to the pre-mounted circuitry 
and a complement of mounting hardware

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